Great immigration lawyer

Mrs. Kochutin was a great choice for us. She has been helpful through the whole process, and was available whenever we needed her; even when I accidentally called her at 9 pm. Everything was very organized, our meetings were always very helpful and informative. Every call was met with the answers we required and best of all we were able to go through this strenuous process with relative ease thanks to her. We had a military discount and were able to get my wife her permanent resident card in about four months without any issues or having to redo any paperwork! Mrs. Kochutin made this a smooth easy process and we were grateful we hired her to assist us in this process and for all her expert legal guidance.

Posted by Michael F. October 31, 2015

I am beyond satisfied with what Elena did for us throughout my Green Card application process!

We were referred to Elena by our Friends, and from the very first day I could honestly recommend her to anyone who is looking for any help with immigration law. She is not only very professional, but very understanding and patient. Without her support I would went crazy throughout the Green Card application process! She was always there for me, anytime. very responsive and detailed in her explanations. I always felt secure and safe knowing that I can rely on her assistance. She made the entire process crystal clear, smooth and less stressful. Furthermore, she was a great help during the day of the interview. Elena, we appreciate all your help, and there is really not enough words to express our satisfaction! Thank you again for everything!

Posted by Alan K. October 15, 2015

Highly recommended!

Elena is the best attorney you will come across. She handled several cases for my family, including green card application, citizenship and travel documents. Not only have I been pleased with how she handled the cases and their outcome, but she really exceeded my expectations in all of them. She put my parents at ease and made them comfortable with the interview process. She was so patient answering all of the questions that came up in a very detailed manner. Elena is truly an expert in her field, extremely responsive, detail oriented, a person of high integrity and most importantly, cares about her clients. Top notch service!

Posted by Aida March 27, 2015

Thanks to Elena, I am a Green Card holder!

Elena carried my Green Card process from beginning and all the way to completion. She went above and beyond of what one would expect from a hired professional. Very knowledgeable, responsible, responsive, and informative: she made herself over the phone, email and in person, so that we always knew what was going on and should we have any questions the answer was provided to us ASAP. Should I start the process again - I would go to Elena.

Posted by Alexey D. February 20, 2015